Complete technology platform for your practice

Healimpilo delivers a complete technology platform purpose-built to meet the needs of independent practices. Now, Healthcare professionals can effortlessly and efficiently manage all major functions of their practice through one intuitive platform.

Healimpilo’s goal is to enable your success by helping you and your staff make the right decisions and take the right steps to deliver results.

Healimpilo software is hosted and managed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the highest levels of reliability, security and performance. The Healimpilo cloud lets you work from anywhere and any member of your staff can access information simply and securely through a browser or iPad.


Unified workflow.
Cutting-edge security.


Healimpilo is the
heartbeat of healthcare.


One stop Solution
for all the healthcare needs.

Practice Management
Industry-leading front office and scheduling software.
EHR Software
Smart clinical apps for quick access to patient information from any browser.
Patient Engagement
Engage patients healthcare experience online, while capturing feedback in real-time
Generate invoice and sent to patients, powered with analytics for an easy, simple way to get paid
Smart EHR Dashboard
Schedule snapshot and task overviews that shows your completed and critical items.
Patient Portal
Engage your patients with a wide variety of self-help tools and time-saving features.
Reporting & Analytics
Get real-time information of your financial health and uncover hidden opportunities
Specialty Cards
Patient cards offer a faster and personal way to chart and manage patient information.
Appointment Reminders
Increase patient show-up, save money and simplify workload with automated reminders.

The Healimpilo cloud is simply a better way to deploy complete practice workflow automation

Healimpilo is medical office software built on a 100% cloud platform. This gives customers unprecedented access to all your information, unwavering data security, and simplified storage with automatic backup.

No one else has this type of capability, which means starting or growing your practice on the cloud is as easy and affordable as it gets.

We have a single code set that is continuously updated with enhancements and new features, which means you always get the latest edition every time you log in. It’s that simple.

Works with stringent security standards and tools for the security of your data.